Real Estate Market in Edmonton Remains Quite Strong

Alberta is doing well these days. In particular, the City of Edmonton continues to see prices rise in its real estate market. Indeed, since 2013, resale prices have increased by 4.4 percent according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. In 2014, the average Edmonton home resale price came in at $360,000, and that number is […]

The Ultimate Resource When Moving to St. Albert, Alberta

As if packing boxes, juggling finances and saying goodbye to former neighbors wasn’t hard enough, trying to find your way around a new city after a residential move can really be daunting. Where is the local hospital? Where am I going to send my children to school? What can you do to relax? Rather than […]

Why It’s a Great Time to Invest in Real Estate in Edmonton

Recently, there was an article in the Calgary Herald that proclaimed the city of Edmonton has ousted Calgary as the top Alberta market to invest in residential real estate.  The study was conducted by the Real Estate Invesment Network, and their findings are another symbol of Edmonton’s promising growth. In addition to surpassing Calgary in […]

Slow, Steady, or Booming…Growth is Still Growth

It’s no secret that Edmonton is experiencing a boom of sorts—in population, jobs, and new houses.  2012 has certainly been a good year.  This past Tuesday, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. released some final numbers for 2012.  As per the Edmonton Journal, “New home starts in the Edmonton census metropolitan area will finish at 12,000 […]

Continued growth means better market

The outlook continues to look good for Western Canada, specifically Edmonton and Calgary. In a press release from the Conference Board of Canada projected Edmonton and Calgary to be the “fastest growing metropolitan areas in Canada – not only in 2012, but for the next four years.” Edmonton, which is coming off a 6.3 per […]

New Restrictions in an Ever-Changing Market

In an already shaken up Edmonton real estate market, more restrictions will be put into place at the government level. Effective Monday, July 9th government-insured mortgage rules will change, according to Edmonton Journal. This change will make some potential buyers ineligible. Here is the breakdown of the new restrictions put in place by federal Finance […]

Real Estate Market Stays the Course

Susan Jones from the St. Albert Gazette is reporting that St. Albert realtors are optimistic that the stable market is starting to pick up.  From the Edmonton Realtors Association first quarter statistics show that this year 182 single-family dwellings sold in St. Albert.  That compares to 146 sales in the same three-month period in 2011 […]

Edmonton Housing Project

Tanara McLean from the Edmonton Sun highlights Mike Holmes, a reality TV handyman, who is heading an affordable Edmonton housing project into a $22-million reality.  Holmes broke ground on the second phase of the Boyle Renaissance project, which consists of a 90-unit complex that will house Metis seniors and the disabled.  “The 120,000-square foot complex-located […]

Western prosperity boosts migration

For many years young graduates have begun to move to larger cities to the east for bigger companies and better opportunities.  The Canadian press is reporting that provinces to the west of Ontario have been luring new residents with the promise of new job opportunities and economic strength.  Their rate of growth has outpaced Ontario, […]