People move to Edmonton for various reasons but career and ‘quality of life’ are high on the list. As a city known for its cleanliness,

One decision that many people struggle with is whether to rent or own. Owning a home means making an investment in your future. Instead of

St. Albert, Alberta is the second largest city in the Edmonton area, and yet it is one of the safest cities in Canada; St.

The Edmonton Journal reported recently that Alberta was not part of the national surge in the prices of Canadian homes. According to the Journal, prices

  When you’re deciding whether or not to sell your home, there are a lot of things you must consider. Is this the right decision

The government of Alberta Canada recently released a new document detailing the state of Alberta’s economy. Across the board, Alberta’s economical statistics are improving. Alberta’s

Winter is here, ladies and gentlemen. That means snow, ice, and cold. This season of the year might bring joy to many, but it also

As families throughout Edmonton sit down to their holiday meal this December, it’s important to remember those very close to us who don’t have that

Things to remember when shopping for a home.   Take photos: Your memory isn’t going to be 100%. No one’s memory is perfect. Therefore, bring