Facts About Residential Live in St. Albert

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St. Albert, Alberta is the second largest city in the Edmonton area, and yet it is one of the safest cities in Canada; St. Albert is home to arts and culture, not crime. 

For over 100 years (St. Albert celebrates it’s 150th anniversary in 2011) St. Albert has been a historic city in Alberta.  There is the Art Gallery of St. Albert, the Michif Institute, the Musee Heritage Museum, and St. Albert Children’s Theatre Group.  In the heart of St. Albert lies St. Albert Botanic Park, displaying 18 acres of beautiful flowers and plants, as well as the largest outdoor farmers’ market in western Canada.

25 minutes from downtown Edmonton, St. Albert is a good distance for those looking to reside right outside of the city.  While Edmonton offers much lower residential living taxes, St. Albert is the best choice for those looking for a unique living opportunity in a safe community.

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