Will a Swimming Pool Increase the Value of Your Home?

There are two types of homes– those with swimming pools and those without. Most homes don’t have pools, so the question often asked is this: does having a swimming pool increase the value of a home? A swimming pool can increase a home’s value if it’s well-maintained, doesn’t take up the entire yard, and can […]

Tips for Spring Cleaning

As spring blows in, it marks the time of year that most people plan to blow the dirt out of their homes and perform their annual spring cleaning. After a long winter, your home can usually use a bit of extra TLC to restore its cleanliness and shine. Here are some tips to help make […]

When Should You Consider Refinancing Your Mortgage?

Life is full of second chances, and refinancing a home mortgage is one of those chances some people take, starting with a brand-new loan term from either the same lender or a new one. The most obvious–and main–reason to refinance your mortgage is to get a lower mortgage rate. When mortgage rates are near record […]

Things for Families to Do in Edmonton

Edmonton is a great and vibrant city, offering residents ample opportunities to get out in the community and enjoy what the city has to offer. There is an abundance of family-friendly activities as well, with great events for all ages. For younger children, the Edmonton Valley Zoo is a great option. Home to more than […]

Tips for Getting Approved for a Mortgage

Shopping for a mortgage is a huge step on your road to homeownership. There are many factors that go into applying for a mortgage and getting approved to buy the home of your dreams. However, there are many things that you can do now to prepare for the process and help increase your odds of […]

Great Realtors Have Mastered the Art of Negotiation

 It’s much more difficult to experience a great negotiation than it used to be. Future generations may never have the chance to haggle over a buy or sell. In most cases these days, the price on the tag is the price you pay—end of story. But there are still a few throwbacks to the good […]

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Placing Your Home on the Market

Ah, it’s finally March which means spring is right around the corner (at least we hope it is)! It also means if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, it’s time to start sprucing it up to attract the buyers! While your landscaping will likely have to wait until it warms up a […]

How are property taxes calculated in Edmonton?

Did you ever wonder how property taxes are calculated in Edmonton? Each year assessors look over data to determine the most probable value your Edmonton property would have sold for on the open market. What data is considered? Well, for starters there are many property characteristics that come into play when determining a property’s worth, […]

The Disadvantages of Trying to Sell Your Home On Your Own

Selling a home yourself is a lot of work. If it was easy, more people would do it. It has been said that selling a home is like a full-time job in itself, as many, many hours are committed to the process. There’s paperwork, of course, as well as the need for marketing and advertising […]