How are property taxes calculated in Edmonton?

Property TaxesDid you ever wonder how property taxes are calculated in Edmonton? Each year assessors look over data to determine the most probable value your Edmonton property would have sold for on the open market. What data is considered?

Well, for starters there are many property characteristics that come into play when determining a property’s worth, which then affects its taxes. What kind of home is it, style-wise? How big is the home and the lot it sits on? What year was it built and what is its current condition? Does it have a basement, a garage, a fireplace, air conditioning, swimming pool or other amenities? Finally, location-wise, is the home located near things people love, like golf courses and parks, or located near things people don’t love, like chemical plants or power lines? Location definitely plays a role in people’s perceptions of what places are worth.

Besides property characteristics, Edmonton also considers nearby property sales, and takes a look at Alberta Land Title office records, as well as City records such as permit and construction information.

When you receive a property assessment notice, it’s the City’s estimate of what the home would have most likely sold for on July 1st of the previous year. This number is then used to calculate the amount of provincial education and municipal property taxes you pay in proportion to the value of the real estate you own.

Edmonton employs professional assessors. Should you have any questions, dial 311 in the City, or 780-442-5311 outside of Edmonton. You may also email

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