5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Placing Your Home on the Market

Spring ProjectsAh, it’s finally March which means spring is right around the corner (at least we hope it is)! It also means if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, it’s time to start sprucing it up to attract the buyers!

While your landscaping will likely have to wait until it warms up a bit, there are plenty of things you can start on inside your home. Keep in mind that some of these tips might cost you a bit, but in the end they will help your home sell more quickly.

Freshen up your walls and ceiling

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way when you’re trying to sell your home. If your home is full of bold-colored walls, pick out bright, neutral colors for the walls. For your ceilings, get rid of the popcorn style if that’s what’s currently on your ceilings. For both your ceilings and walls, a fresh coat of paint will help make your rooms brighter.

Focus on your flooring

Whether you have carpets, hardwood floors or another type of flooring, make sure they’re in good condition. Have your carpets cleaned and attend to any blemishes on your flooring. It might cost you up front, but it’ll help with the overall appeal of your home.

Brighten up your entryway

Starting with your front door, apply a fresh coat of paint on the door and keep that new paint coming into your entryway. Make it bright and welcoming, but don’t go overboard with too many things in the way. Keep it simple with a bench to remove shoes, a coat rack (if you don’t have a closet) or a small table for keys.

Get rid of clutter

This might be the hardest part for you, but by removing clutter from your home, potential buyers will be able to better see themselves living in your home. You don’t have to remove everything, but keep your home cleaned up and things put away.

Don’t neglect your kitchen and bathrooms

When people are looking for a home, kitchens and bathrooms are often a non-negotiable. While you don’t have to remodel these rooms, make sure you give them a nice, deep cleaning this spring. Make small repairs where needed: re-caulk your tub and shower, apply fresh paint or finish to cupboards, and put away any clutter lying around.

What are some other spring cleaning tips? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. 

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