Why It’s a Great Time to Invest in Real Estate in Edmonton


Recently, there was an article in the Calgary Herald that proclaimed the city of Edmonton has ousted Calgary as the top Alberta market to invest in residential real estate.  The study was conducted by the Real Estate Invesment Network, and their findings are another symbol of Edmonton’s promising growth.

In addition to surpassing Calgary in the current marketplace, forecasters are predicting strong things for Edmonton real estate in the short and long-term.  In fact, Don Campbell, a senior analyst from the Real Estate Invesment Network thinks Edmonton (and Calgary) could be the economic leaders of Canada the next couple of years.  Edmonton is not just rising the charts against competition in Alberta; it’s rising the charts against competition from the entire country.

Assumingly, there is a plethora of factors that led to Edmonton’s top showing.  For starters, the city has experienced tremendous economic growth in the recent past.  There has been steady growth in the current business environment, and there are many projects on the horizon, which will create more advancement, and more importantly, help create more job opportunities.

Moreover, owning a home in Edmonton is more affordable than it is in any of the other six largest Canadian cites.  A desirable blend of job opportunities and economical real estate options has made investing in Edmonton residential real estate a prudent endeavor.

Other factors that may have contributed to Edmonton’s top ranking could include the fact Edmonton has a myriad of reputable neighborhoods, a variety of entertainment options and many great schools. If you and your family have been looking for new opportunities, and a place to invest in real estate that will hold its long-term value, then Edmonton may be your ideal destination.

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