Real Estate Market in Edmonton Remains Quite Strong

EdmontonAlberta is doing well these days. In particular, the City of Edmonton continues to see prices rise in its real estate market. Indeed, since 2013, resale prices have increased by 4.4 percent according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. In 2014, the average Edmonton home resale price came in at $360,000, and that number is expected to increase by about $10,000 per year as Alberta’s economy continues to grow.

Right now, with employment numbers up, Edmonton is the place to move to– and we’re living in a time when more and more people are deciding to move “back” to cities (from the suburbs) for the convenience of easier commutes to work, walkable village life, and ample cultural and entertainment opportunities nearby. Growing demand to live in the City of Edmonton, coupled with relatively low active real estate listings, means prices should continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

Edmonton’s housing starts– the number of new single or multi-family housing units as determined by the number of permits issued for construction of residential buildings– are projected to be around 13,000 units per year in 2015 and 2016.

Suppose you’d like to move to Edmonton? Alexis Hlady is a real estate professional who knows the city well. If you’re looking for a home or condo for sale in the city known for beautiful buildings, great mass transit options, and the West Edmonton Mall, Alexis Hlady’s Alexis Homes is your source for Edmonton properties.

“My job is about helping you fulfill whatever specific desire you imagine in your dream space,” says Hlady. “Alexis Homes is a business created from my passion for real estate, coupled with my regard for helping people. Along our mutual journey, I promise to offer you the options tailored to your needs. That’s because I believe in saving your time and money by providing the knowledge of the industry I’ve gathered for years.”

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