Home Buying Tips For Senior Citizens

Home Buying TipsPeople are living long lives these days, and seniors in their 60s, 70s and 80s are often looking for the ideal place to call home.

Homes where everything is on one floor are most appealing to seniors. The fewer stairs and steps, the better. If there are stairs, they should be broad with a gentle rise and a secure handrail for support. Seniors always benefit from handrails and railings, both indoors and out.

Seniors today are on the lookout for properties with wider hallways, doors with levers instead of knobs, “roll-in” shower stalls, low kitchen counters, and grab bars in the bathroom. Deadbolt locks and professional security alarms are a bonus, and an attached garage is ideal. Since the eyesight isn’t what it used to be, seniors also benefit from homes with well-illuminated rooms and hallways, as well as convenient outdoor lighting.

Meanwhile, in real estate, location is “everything,” especially when it comes to senior citizens. Most seniors don’t want to live in isolated areas, instead opting for a walkable neighborhood near their pharmacy, post office, grocery store and senior center/community center.  Seniors look for safe, clean neighborhoods where they’ll have “good neighbors”– the kind who can and will check on them once in a while to make sure everything’s alright.

If you’re a senior citizen who is thinking of moving to a new place, Alexis Hlady of Realty Executives Challenge can help you find a home in Edmonton, Alberta, where you’ll be comfortable. Call Alexis at 780-483-4848 to discuss your needs today.

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