The Ultimate Resource When Moving to St. Albert, Alberta

Moving to St. AlbertAs if packing boxes, juggling finances and saying goodbye to former neighbors wasn’t hard enough, trying to find your way around a new city after a residential move can really be daunting. Where is the local hospital? Where am I going to send my children to school? What can you do to relax?

Rather than having to find those answers in multiple places, we wanted to provide you with a handy resource guide that you can access when trying to find your way around St. Albert, Alberta, which is located northwest of Edmonton on the Sturgeon River. Hopefully, this will help you get acclimated to your new surroundings. Don’t forget to bookmark this page!

Medical Centers

1)      Sturgeon Community Hospital – The hospital offers a wide array of services, including inpatient services, outpatient services, intensive care, counseling and surgical services. Regardless of your medical need, this esteemed hospital can help.

2)      Primary Physicians– When searching for a new doctor, check out the Primary Care Network of St. Alberta, as it includes several reputable physicians.

3)      Family Medical Services ­­- If you’re looking for a family friendly clinic to bring your children to, consider the Grandin Medical Family Practice Clinic.


1)      St. Albert Public Schools– Depending on your child’s age and where your new home is located, your child could go to one of 15 public schools. Simply click on the link and it will bring you to a page that shows how the schools are divided up.

2)      St. Albert Catholic Schools – There are several private schools in St. Albert, all of which can be accessed by clicking on the link.



1)      City Hall– Located on 5 Anne Street, this is St. Albert’s headquarters.

2)      Police– If you need any police assistance, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of St. Albert will be happy to help.

3)      Fire DepartmentThere are three fire stations ready to help in case of emergency. They are located on 18 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue; 100 Boudreau Road; and 100 Giroux Road.

Dining Options

From family dining options, to fast food, to the perfect place for a romantic evening out, St. Albert has it all and much more. Here is a list of all the restaurants in the area, and below is a few of our favorites!

1)      Jack’s Burger ShackLocated downtown in the Perron District, this place is known for their imaginative burgers!

2)      River House Grill Those with a taste for fine dining will love this restaurant, which is beautifully located on Mission Avenue.

3)      Original Joe’sIf you need a place for unique cold beers and delicious food after an exhausting day, Original Joe’s and their affordable menu is perfect for you.

4)      Taste of Ukraine Who wouldn’t want delicious food in a scenic environment? This is a local favorite and it’s located on St. Albert Trail!

Entertainment Options

How fun would life be if it was all work and no play? Luckily, there are plenty of things new residents of St. Albert can enjoy! Also, keep in mind you are a short commute to the city of Edmonton, meaning there are plenty of other adventures you can embark on!

1)      St. Albert Place – If you like checking out beautiful art and culture, be sure to take a stroll through downtown St. Albert, also known as St. Albert Place.

2)      St. Albert Botanic ParkFew places are more beautiful to walk through than this gorgeous, 5-acre botanical garden.

3)      Arden Theatre There are always great performances at Arden Theatre, which is located at 5 Anne Street.

4)      Apex CasinoWhen you feel like letting it ride, take a trip to the Apex Casino! They have a variety of games to play and places to eat.

5)      Musee Heritage Museum With interesting and educational exhibits constantly set up, the Musee Heritage Museum is a great place to visit throughout the year.

Recreational Options for Kids

1)      Akinsdale & Kinex ArenasHere, children (and adults) can participate in sports such as hockey, lacrosse, figure St. Albertskating and more. Plus, you can always bring the family out for an open-skate.

2)      Fountain Park Recreation Center With swimming lessons and other aquatic programs, this is a great place for children to learn how to swim.

3)      The Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival in St. Albert – This festival takes place for 5 days a year at the end of May, and it has many activities, including shows, games and music!

Public Transportation

Whether you’re without a car, or simply want to save gas money, there are options available!

1)      St. Albert Transit (StAT)StAT has busses that transport riders within the community, as well as special express buses that will take to you Edmonton and other frequented sites.


1)      St. Albert Public LibraryWhether the kids are working on a school project, or you want a quiet place to read and take out books, this library will provide you with all you need.


Hopefully, this resource guide will help ease your transition to the St. Albert community! Remember that it takes time to adjust to your new surroundings, and the best way to meet new friends and become friendly with neighbors is to ask questions about what is going on around town.

This community Facebook page is also a great place to continually check for updates.

Lastly, if anyone from is St. Albert is reading this, please leave a note in the comments section with recommendations for new residents!

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