Tips for Staging the Exterior of Your Home

Home Staging the Exterior of Your Property Unlike the TV show Star Trek, we don’t (yet) have the ability to “beam” our bodies from one room in one place to another room in another place, so what does that mean for real estate sales? It means buyers get their first impression of your house by looking at the outside, usually from the front view where they’ll see a front door, some landscaping, a driveway, and shutters and windows.

Much like the interior of a home can be “staged” to look its best to entice buyers to buy the place, a home’s exterior can be, too.

Rather than have unmowed grass, weeds, chipping paint, broken glass, missing roof shingles, or dead flower beds/trees “gracing” the front of the house, you need to think about staging the exterior of your house for sale so it sells.

First, whatever’s broken should be repaired before you put the “For Sale” sign up. Structural fixes and improvements can only make your place look better, from new gutters to a brand new front door and then some. Wash or paint the exterior walls of the place for a fresher look, too. A power washer, for example, can help make siding, concrete, fences and decks look good.

Next, how’s your landscaping? If you have dead flowers, bushes or trees, remove them and replace them with new ones. Even something simple like adding a large and colorful potted plant near the front door of the house can really catch the attention of a potential buyer– so do it.

Also, consider making sure the “little things” look their best, such as house numbers, outdoor light fixtures, doorknobs and your mailbox. It might be time for new ones if any of these items are looking tired, worn or ugly. By the way, if you can add more outdoor lighting to the home, before you sell it is the prime to do so. People like well-lit homes at night.

Finally, staging the exterior of a home typically involves accessorizing it to give it a homey, warm feeling. This could include birdhouses, wind chimes, outdoor rugs and chairs, and decorations like seasonal wreaths.

Basically, the front exterior of a house is the first thing most potential homebuyers will see. The more attractive it looks, the more likely the house will attract interest… and sell.

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