How to Sell Your Home Regardless of the Season

Selling Your Home in the Fall and Winter When it’s winter in Edmonton, Alberta, the weather outside is cold, and some people choose to delay the home selling process until spring/summer, when there is often a spike in home sales.  However, working with an experienced realtor, and being creative with your home staging techniques can help you sell your home regardless of the season.

Depending on when you put your home on the market, there are some things to consider to project “maximum curb appeal” during the weeks or months it’s for sale. Obviously, you’d like to sell the house for the highest price possible, which means you have to optimize the appearance of your home.

Generally, no matter the geography or weather, homes sell well in the spring, with people moving in and out during the summer. Spring’s a great time for people to look at houses, as the trees are getting back their leaves, flowers are sprouting up on the property, and there’s a shared sense of “new beginnings” in-the-air after a cold, snowy winter.

If you do decide to sell a home in the spring or summer, invest in your front yard landscaping to make it look its best. If there are any dead trees or plants, remove and replace them before putting the “for sale” sign up. Add pretty flowers to the yard if possible, with some tastefully placed flowerpots spread around to make your home look inviting. Cut the grass, make sure the gutters are cleaned out and secure to the building, and perhaps do some touch-up painting, too. Treat your house’s exterior like a first date—“dress to impress.”

During the cooler fall months, like October and November, add seasonal decorations outside your home, like pumpkins and gourds. In December, some smartly-placed holiday lights and seasonal front lawn decorations can beautify your place. Even though the weather is colder, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the front yard—rake up leaves when possible and dispose of them. If you have stuff accumulating on the driveway or in the yard— like mud, toys, car parts, machinery, garbage or wood—clean it up, move it out, throw it out, or store it elsewhere so the driveway doesn’t look dirty and the yard doesn’t look messy upon first glance.

In the Edmonton area, real estate agent Alexis Hlady can help you figure out how to “seasonally improve” your home’s exterior to look its best and get it sold.


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