The Importance of an Experienced Real Estate Agent to a Home Seller

In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of using an experienced real estate agent during the home buying Home Sellingprocess.  Today, we examine how a proficient realtor can help homeowners who wish to put their property on the market.  Let’s take a look at 6 ways an agent can make your transaction a success.

1)      A skilled real estate agent will know the pulse of the current market in your area.  As such, they will know what similar homes sold for, and what a home in your neighborhood should be worth.  This will help you set a practical price point, rather than setting the price too low, failing to maximize your asset’s value, or setting it to high, causing you to become frustrated at the lack of interest in your property.  Which brings us to number two.

2)      Realtors can shield you from many of the “just looking’’ people.  The overwhelming majority of those people do not have any desire to potentially buy your home; instead, they are just interested in looking at different homes and seeing what properties are sold for, essentially making them “window shoppers.”  A realtor often acts as a buffer, and only brings serious, qualified buyers to the attention of his or her clients.  This prevents the client from wasting their time preparing and showing their home to disingenuous buyers.

3)      An agent will properly market your home.  They will know where to list your home, and will determine which tactics will work best to sell your home at the price you seek.

4)      Agents will spot minor to major repairs that homeowners can rectify before showing their home.  The augmentations will help you avoid losing money in the transaction over an issue that may not be overly expensive to repair.

5)      Experienced real estate agents can use their negotiation prowess to get you the best deal possible.  Often times, properties are not sold at the actual asking price.  Thus, there will be a negotiation between both parties, and perhaps a couple of offers and counter offers.  Having a skilled realtor on your side will ensure you don’t sell your home for less than you should, and will ensure you maximize the value of your largest asset.

6)      Your real estate agent will take care of the voluminous amount of paperwork.  Selling your home leads to a ton of paperwork and legal documents; however, a real estate agent can simplify things for you and make sure the proper documents are in place.

These are just some of the many benefits of consulting with a real estate agent before beginning the home selling process.  Further, finding a trusted real estate agent could lead to a long-lasting relationship, as they could be the person you turn to any time you make a property transaction.

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