New Schools for the Edmonton Community

When parents with babies and/or young kids get the idea to move to a new house one of the main concerns about their new area is almost always, “How are the schools?” They want to move to a place that is growing and full of energy and life; they want to avoid places which seem like options are dwindling.

Obviously most parents want to move to a place known for abundant educational opportunities. A community with great schools is so desirable, while people tend to flee from an area where the schools’ reputations are “less than stellar.”

New Schools in Edmonton

If an area is growing, and more and more people are moving there, then more schools will be needed. Such is the case with Edmonton. Did you know, for example, that 14 new public schools are opening this year in Edmonton? Something like this hasn’t happened since 1913! Meanwhile, two more new schools will open come January 2018.

Brand new school buildings are the kind of thing that communities love– who wouldn’t want their kid in a new building with today’s latest amenities versus a dark, cramped, dingy old building built a century ago?

Schools in EdmontonIt turns out that Edmonton’s public schools have added some 15,000 more students during the past few years– thus the need for brand new schools. Moreover, unlike many areas where Catholic schools are closing down, Edmonton is home to five new Catholic schools– a further indication that Edmonton is the place to be these days!

Did you know that 173 teachers have been hired recently to meet the needs of the public school district? School growth has also been aiding the local construction industry as crews have worked hard to build new buildings, furnish them, and make sure the plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems are working well.

From the central city to the far-flung suburbs, Edmonton is doing a fine job of accommodating the educational needs of parents, students and the community alike.

Now is a great time to move to Edmonton– for the schools! Contact Alexis Homes at 780-483-4848 for help finding the perfect place near a brand new school full of life and learning.


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