Consider This To Do List When Winterizing Your Home

Edmonton has cold winters. In January, for instance, the average daily lows are−10.4 °C (13.3 °F). What are 8 tips for winterizing your home? 8) Have an HVAC professional inspect your furnace, giving it a tune-up if needed. Have the inspector check the blower operation, gas piping, air filter(s), motor and fan. The HVAC guy […]

Is Overbuilding Hurting Edmonton?

Edmonton may have a problem. It has too many new homes and not enough demand to fill all of them at this time. That could be considered both a good and bad problem to have, depending on who you are and what your perspective is. Right now there are three cities in Canada that have […]

The Edmonton Housing Market Continues its Robust Pace

Have you wondered how the Edmonton housing market has been doing lately? Well, good news: new home construction is up, up, up! What does that mean? It means more people want to move to Edmonton than want to leave it. This means Edmonton is a growing, thriving place. Maybe it’s time you moved to Edmonton. […]

Should I Rent or Buy?

Should you rent or buy a home? There are several questions to ask yourself before you make your decision. First, how are you doing financially? Do you have a steady income or enough savings that making a down payment and buying a home makes sense right now? Oftentimes, the decision to rent or buy comes […]

What Should Happen to the Original Edmonton Remand Centre?

AlexisHomes is well-known in Edmonton when it comes to real estate. The thing about buildings is this: sometimes they change uses over time. What once was a single family home could become offices. An old Wal-Mart could turn into an auto museum. Even something like a former prison could end up seeing new life as […]

Will a Swimming Pool Increase the Value of Your Home?

There are two types of homes– those with swimming pools and those without. Most homes don’t have pools, so the question often asked is this: does having a swimming pool increase the value of a home? A swimming pool can increase a home’s value if it’s well-maintained, doesn’t take up the entire yard, and can […]

When Should You Consider Refinancing Your Mortgage?

Life is full of second chances, and refinancing a home mortgage is one of those chances some people take, starting with a brand-new loan term from either the same lender or a new one. The most obvious–and main–reason to refinance your mortgage is to get a lower mortgage rate. When mortgage rates are near record […]

Things for Families to Do in Edmonton

Edmonton is a great and vibrant city, offering residents ample opportunities to get out in the community and enjoy what the city has to offer. There is an abundance of family-friendly activities as well, with great events for all ages. For younger children, the Edmonton Valley Zoo is a great option. Home to more than […]

Great Realtors Have Mastered the Art of Negotiation

 It’s much more difficult to experience a great negotiation than it used to be. Future generations may never have the chance to haggle over a buy or sell. In most cases these days, the price on the tag is the price you pay—end of story. But there are still a few throwbacks to the good […]