Where to Go in Edmonton This Summer

There is so much to see and do in the city of Edmonton during the summer. Whether you like to spend your days outdoors taking in nature or you enjoy learning about the local culture at museums, there is something for everyone in Edmonton, and you will love living in the city. There is actually […]

Have You Heard of this New Edmonton App?

Edmonton has many sites of interest for both locals and tourists alike. For instance, have you ever visited the Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site? Built in the early part of the Twentieth Century, Rutherford House was the home of the first Premier of Alberta– Alexander Cameron Rutherford. He and his wife and family moved into […]

Activities to Enjoy in Edmonton as the Weather Warms Up

When’s the last time you toured Edmonton? The latest way to do so is by Segway. River Valley Adventure Co. offers the Beginner Segway Adventure, a tour that appropriately starts with in-depth training from a certified Segway trainer. Did you know training takes about 30 minutes? Then people get to see the river valley without […]

The Benefits of Moving to Edmonton

Why move to Edmonton? Well, for starters, Edmonton is a growing city. It attracts Canadians who want to leave the rural areas they grew up in and live “the big city lifestyle.” Meanwhile, the city also attracts immigrants who bring their food, language, and celebrations with them, enhancing an already diverse city all the more. […]

The Benefits of Living in a Condo

While single family homes are typical, there’s another option that might be worth investigating: condo living. Condos differ from single family homes in that you own your unit while sharing ownership of the land, building and common areas. Therefore, a bunch of condo owners all contribute money to take care of the place, overall, and […]

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Edmonton This Summer

One of the highlights of living near Edmonton is the West Edmonton Mall. Inside the giant mall is the World Waterpark, a tropical paradise boasting the world’s largest indoor wave pool and more than a dozen waterslides and play features. This summer, World Waterpark is a great place to take kids and enjoy the day– […]

The Importance of Working with an Experienced Real Estate Agent

If you had a Mercedes, who would you rather have valet park it— a 16-year-old teen who just got his driver’s license or an experienced driver some twenty years older? When it comes to things we cherish most in life, we want the peace-of-mind that comes from working with people who have experience dealing with […]

The Benefits of Buying a Home When It’s Cold and Snowy

If you asked the average person the month they first listed their home for sale, they’d typically say April or May. In addition, the prime time for people to move into their new place is often July and August in order to move during the warmer, better weather months. After all, it is easier to […]

Why It’s a Great Time to Invest in Real Estate in Edmonton

Recently, there was an article in the Calgary Herald that proclaimed the city of Edmonton has ousted Calgary as the top Alberta market to invest in residential real estate.  The study was conducted by the Real Estate Invesment Network, and their findings are another symbol of Edmonton’s promising growth. In addition to surpassing Calgary in […]