The Benefits of Buying a Home When It’s Cold and Snowy

Homes for Sale in WinterIf you asked the average person the month they first listed their home for sale, they’d typically say April or May. In addition, the prime time for people to move into their new place is often July and August in order to move during the warmer, better weather months. After all, it is easier to move stuff when it’s sunny and warm instead of snowy and cold. For those who are parents, they like to move during the summer months to take advantage of their kids having time off from school, so they don’t have to interrupt their education.

What about winter? Did you ever consider buying a home in the colder winter months? The winter months are real estate’s “off season,” which means you can get great deals.

Think about it: since most people don’t buy a home in, say, January or February, those are great times to negotiate a money-saving deal. You’ll have less competition to deal with in order to “get” the house you’d like to buy. Sellers might be more willing to give you a deal in the cold months since they don’t have many offers coming in, yet they want to sell the place and move into their new abode.

One major advantage of buying a home in the winter is that you’ll see how the house handles winter weather—you can check for drafty windows, leaky roofs, and water in the basement. Take time to notice how the gutters are handling rain, snow and ice, and see where water pools in the yard.

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