Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agentWhen searching for “the right” real estate agent to work with for selling a home, there are several questions to ask.

First, ask, “How long have you been working in residential real estate sales?” Follow that question with, “Is real estate your full-time job?” Look for agents with several years of experience, as well as those who are fully committed to their job.

You’ll want to know that the agent is ready to work on your behalf, representing you. Consider this: how will they specifically help you accomplish your goals? Do you think you can have a decent working relationship with this person or team?

Next, inquire how many homes he/she (and/or his/her brokerage) sold last year. How many days did it take them to sell homes as compared to the overall market? And how close to the initial asking prices were the final sale prices?

It’s also important to figure out if your potential real estate agent lives and/or regularly works in the actual area where you’re thinking of selling (or buying) a home. The more “local” the agent is to the property you’re interested in, the more expertise they bring to the table, knowing detailed information about area schools, amenities, zoning laws, and more.

In today’s computerized world, it doesn’t hurt to connect with a tech-savvy agent. Ideally, they should have an attractive, functional website with key information and several photos showing various listings. It also helps if they have (and use) email, Facebook, and/or Twitter, so you know they’re “up-to-date” when it comes to modern communication.

Finally, ask for some names and phone numbers of their recent clients, for references. These clients can tell you details (good or bad) about their experience.

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