Canada Home Sales up from Previous Year

According to The Edmonton Sun, as of last month (Dec. 2011), nationwide home sales in Canada have increased by 2.2% since 2010. Furthermore, new homes on the market have increased.

In general, the housing market looks incredible across the country. Edmonton homes are truly a hot commodity, considering the life of the city, access to entertainment, food, jobs and more.

Mortgage rates seem to constantly fluctuate in just about every location. So, with the current Canadian housing market looking like it does, it seems to be a good time to buy. This is especially true if you seek a home in or around Edmonton. The houses are available, it’s just a matter of taking the plunge into the market.

In other words, take advantage of this good housing market and economy while you still can. Who knows how long housing availability will increase? It could start to decline next month for all we know!

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