The Benefits of Moving to Edmonton

Why move to Edmonton? Well, for starters, Edmonton is a growing city. It attracts Canadians who want to leave the rural areas they grew up in and live “the big city lifestyle.” Meanwhile, the city also attracts immigrants who bring their food, language, and celebrations with them, enhancing an already diverse city all the more. […]

Government questionnaire covers condo ownership

Edmonton condominium residents have a chance to have their voices be heard regarding condo issues that can aid the government when making changes to the Condominium Property Act. Through the use of a form, residents are being asked to share information that will be used to determine the merit of the policy proposals being considered […]

Slow, Steady, or Booming…Growth is Still Growth

It’s no secret that Edmonton is experiencing a boom of sorts—in population, jobs, and new houses.  2012 has certainly been a good year.  This past Tuesday, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. released some final numbers for 2012.  As per the Edmonton Journal, “New home starts in the Edmonton census metropolitan area will finish at 12,000 […]

Real Estate Market Stays the Course

Susan Jones from the St. Albert Gazette is reporting that St. Albert realtors are optimistic that the stable market is starting to pick up.  From the Edmonton Realtors Association first quarter statistics show that this year 182 single-family dwellings sold in St. Albert.  That compares to 146 sales in the same three-month period in 2011 […]

Edmonton Housing Project

Tanara McLean from the Edmonton Sun highlights Mike Holmes, a reality TV handyman, who is heading an affordable Edmonton housing project into a $22-million reality.  Holmes broke ground on the second phase of the Boyle Renaissance project, which consists of a 90-unit complex that will house Metis seniors and the disabled.  “The 120,000-square foot complex-located […]

Western prosperity boosts migration

For many years young graduates have begun to move to larger cities to the east for bigger companies and better opportunities.  The Canadian press is reporting that provinces to the west of Ontario have been luring new residents with the promise of new job opportunities and economic strength.  Their rate of growth has outpaced Ontario, […]

Canada’s Best Places to Live 2011

Moneysense, Canada’s personal finance website, looks at Canada’s Best Places to Live list.  They look at empirical criteriasuch as “housing affordability, incomes, job prospects, crime rates and access to health care.”  The information is taken from the Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration and Statistics Canada.  This list includes every community with a population of more […]

Moving to Edmonton: What to Expect

People move to Edmonton for various reasons but career and ‘quality of life’ are high on the list. As a city known for its cleanliness, open spaces and fresh air, Edmonton still finds a way to maintain its big city feel and is ideal for everyone from young urbanites to families and retirees. Because Edmonton […]