2013 Edmonton housing forecast called “Restrained”

The Realtors Association of Edmonton forecasted “restrained” growth on the resale housing market for 2013 in the Oil City. This comes after continued economic and housing growth in 2012, which is something  expected to continue through this year. An article published in the Edmonton Journal says the REA has projected single-family home prices to increase […]

Where do you stand, future Edmonton first-time home buyer?

An interesting article appeared in the Vancouver Sun early in the month from Peter Simpson that used a survey tabulated by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. The survey asked a myriad of questions concerning potential first-time home buyers found that housing affordability in Vancouver is turning into a problem. But Vancouver might not be […]

Edmonton’s continued growth a double-edged sword for first-time home buyers

There’s no question Edmonton has been one of the strongest markets in North American and it will continue to grow as long as long as there’s oil and manufacturing job available. But as Edmonton’s economy and housing market is expected to continue to grow in 2013, what will this mean for first time home buyers […]

Re/Max weighs in on Edmonton’s market, and it’s good news

Re/Max, an international real estate company, came out with its 2012 report, and said Edmonton’s real estate market was “quite healthy.” It’s a moderating trend, slow and steady so to speak, with a report showing that residential sales should improve over 17,500 in 2013. In 2012, sales are expected to finish around the 17,100 range, […]

Projected slowdown by chief economist

Benjiman Tal, deputy chief economist at CIBC, predicts a bit of a slowdown next year, with growth of only 4 per cent compared to 6 per cent of this year. Tal said it’s “a reflection of a slowing housing market,” which is partially due to the maximum amortization of mortgages dropping from 30 years to […]

Edmonton keeps growing and building

As Edmonton’s population continues to grow, so does start of new builds. New home starts sustained its growth like the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation said it would back in August, beginning work on 1,304 homes in the Edmonton area the CMHC said in a report. That number is up from 820 starts from the […]

Continued growth means better market

The outlook continues to look good for Western Canada, specifically Edmonton and Calgary. In a press release from the Conference Board of Canada projected Edmonton and Calgary to be the “fastest growing metropolitan areas in Canada – not only in 2012, but for the next four years.” Edmonton, which is coming off a 6.3 per […]