Chantelle M Blair

My main overall goal with my business is to contribute to changing the mindset of the fitness industry. With platforms like Instagram, we are often motivated to exercise strictly to achieve a certain physical look. While I love seeing my client’s bodies transform. What I truly enjoy watching is my clients feeling stronger, feeling more confident. And actually being able to look in the mirror and be proud of what they see. I want to help people with their physical + mental health. With a Psychology degree (B.S.c) and my own personal experience. I want to show individuals how physical activity can help mental health and mindset. For example, it helps improve body image/confidence and/or self-esteem amongst other things. Disclaimer: I do not provide therapy for my clients. I do encourage my clients to see a qualified therapist if that’s something they desire.

My ideal client is busy professional women and/or (soon to be) moms; I am specialized in prenatal and postpartum fitness so that I am better able to serve this group. Feel free to check out my Instagram busy_bfitness!

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